ACD 14

ACD 14

Flow Up 100 m3/min

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• The ACD 14 removes condensate from compressed air systems without using electricity.
• The discharge process is automatic and is based on a newly developed 3/2 way level controlled valve principle that operates a piston type direct acting valve.
• The advantage of this valve principle is that the ACD 14‘s orifice can be 6mm, offering an increased relaibility factor.
• The ACD 14 is ideally suited in applications where power is not available, too expensive or not reliable.
• In addition, the ACD 14 can be applied in applications that demand a higher IP rating (International protection rating or ingress protection).
• The ACD 14 offers an IP68/NEMA 6 rating.

• Magnetic valve switch instead of mechanical connection ensures valve does not get stuck.
• A compact and unique design.
• Large orifice ensures successful draining of condensate (also heavily emulsified condensate).
• Incredibly easy and quick to install and to service.
• No complicated external control air balance line required.
• Integrated strainer
• Top- and side inlets available.
• TEST feature
• Robust aluminium housing
• Direct acting valve construction for a reliable condensate discharge operation.


• Larger service life
• Competitive ‘true green’ solution
• No operating costs
• No electricity required – install and go!
• Condensate viewing sight port optionally available
• Operating pressure up to 16 bar
• Reduceded stocking costs – 1 model covers 100m3/min
• Suitable for any type of compressed air system
• No complicated sizing charts required



• Condensate is passed through inlet into container.
• Condensate will fill container causing operator to rise.
• Once operator has met maximum capacity, a magnet will open the pilot valve allowing condensate to be released through outlet.
• As condensate is released, the operator will move back to original position causing the pilot valve to shut again for cycle to repeat.

Maximum compressor capapcity: 100m3/min.
Min./max. system pressure: 3 bar / 16 bar
Valve type: Direct acting
Valve oriface: 6.0 mm
Valve seals: FPM
Inlet connection: 1/2” (BSP or NPT) ( 3 inlet options)
Outlet connection: 1/4”
Inlet height: 112mm (top, 97mm (side top) 15mm (side bottom)
Minimum medium temperature: 1oC
Maximum medium temperature: 50oC
IP Rating: IP68/NEMA 6
Serviceable valve: Yes
TEST feature: Yes
Condensate sight port: Yes
Integrated mesh strainer: Yes
Housing material: Yes

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