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Nils & Abbas Trading Co. L.L.C

The year 1994 saw the inception of the family owned company, Nils & Abbas Trading Co. L.L.C. in Dubai. We have since grow to become one of the largest distributor for more than 20 renowned international brands in the field of compressed air, steam and industrial automation. Over the years N&A has succeeded in building a state-of-the-art show room and service center excellence.

We are committed in providing customized engineering solutions and turn key projects to our clients. We started operating from our main branch in Dubai, but rapid growth and customer support have sustained our expansion. We currently have offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat-Oman.

We are an ISO 9001: 2008 Company


Nils & Abbas wants to make sure that we offer the right equipment that will match to your requirements we trained our Sales team to be well informed and knowledgeable to answer your queries. They will assist you with the selection of the exact equipment for the specific job. In addition, we are able to provide planning, consulting and engineering for complete centralized compressed air / vacuum piping systems / Boiler systems. These systems can be interlinked with your factory main control room and PLCs. As your units are vital to the operation of your factory, plant or operations, it is imperative that service is carried out at the correct intervals. To  assist our customers in this regard, we offer a full-service agreement to maximize advanced planning of service schedules and preventive maintenance, thereby reducing the risk of unexpected costs.

Nils & Abbas

At Nils & Abbas, we feel it is an absolute necessity to install the air compressors we provide in the appropriate manner. We can assure that the installation is carried out in the necessary fashion, allowing for adequate positioning of the equipment and correct interconnection of compressed air piping and Electricals so that the air compressors form an integral part of the manufacturer's ancillary equipment.

At your request, Nils & Abbas can provide the correct compressor room layout and design to achieve a professional functioning compressor house. Our designs attend to critical criteria such as the type of piping and electrical materials utilized, the necessary ventilation of the compressor room, the appropriate foundation requirements of the machinery, etc. Nils and Abbas can provide all necessary piping and electrical connections required by the ancillary equipment supplied.

We can provide piping of either a standard G. I. nature of materials such as copper, stainless steel, PVC etc., depending on each customer's needs. We also offer the TransAir Parker Piping Systems for Compressed air, Nitrogen and Oxygen, with the unique characteristics. Transair, is a quick connection piping solution. Parker has an extensive history of application success within the fluid and gas handling industry. Our team of highly qualified application engineers, and system specialists provide a quick connect piping solutions for liquid, inert gases and compressed air. Our interconnecting piping can facilitate either threaded, welded or flanged connections and can be linked to the main compressed air room at the customer's site. Furthermore, compressed air piping can be pressure-tested and hydrostatic test certificates issued to the customer if required. In the case of new construction, Nils & Abbas can provide a full-fledged compressed air piping distribution system throughout the facility regardless of the facility size and site conditions. Furthermore, we are able to interconnect, when applicable, the compressor PLC systems with factory control rooms, etc.

Nils and Abbas offers a comprehensive range of vacuum pump systems to cover the complete spectrum of needs for medical, chemical and related industries. We are proud to be associated with the Germany manufacturer Elmo Rietschle, which concentrated its efforts on complete vacuum package systems. With Elmo Rietschle's world-class products, Nils & Abbas is able to offer its customers vacuum system installations second to none.

As with all our equipment, correct vacuum system installation is very important and maximizes the performance of the equipment. We offer our customer a complete installation package designed to meet your needs. We will advise you on your piping and electrical requirements and supply and install all materials accordingly. Whether your piping requirements are for stainless steel, copper, seamless or galvanized, welded or flanged, your needs will be fully met

For steam and hot water boiler solutions, Nils & Abbas undertakes turnkey projects including fabrication, supply, installation, welding, N.D.T., hydro-testing and insulation of steam and hot water systems (inclusive of all process valves and instrumentation).

Turnkey projects include steam and hot water system accessories on chimney and ducting, partial- or full-feed water de-aeration systems; feed water storage tanks, diesel day tanks and diesel storage tanks, condensate recovery systems, special steam trapping designs, booster pumping systems and expansion tanks for hot water systems. We also fabricate, according to customer specifications, blow down vessels, steam headers, fast heat recovery condensate heat exchangers and structural works, steam piping, hot water piping and condensate piping. With the customer's design, fabrication and engineering specifications at hand, our factory-trained technicians provide complete installation, testing and commissioning.

In addition to this range of services is our added consultation service - from boiler hire, retro-fitting service, telephone diagnosis and worldwide advice and service on your existing Loos boiler package. We also do conversion and modernization packages for boiler installations of all makes, firing systems, water processing and water treatment systems.

To further augment our on- and off-site service, Nils & Abbas maintains a team of skilled technicians involved in complete fabrication projects as well as qualified experienced fabricators, welders and other skilled manpower.

To fully back our wide product portfolio, we have in place a highly competent and well-trained service team capable of meeting our customers' service requirements from A to Z.

The scope of service ranges from minor oil and filter replacements to completely overhauling and rebuilding units, including the re-bearing and complete overhaul of all air ends in the rotary screw oil injected air compressor range. We also service and repair the rotary vane compressor range and the full range of medium and high pressure lubricated and oil-free reciprocating air compressors. Other products covered by our service team include air blowers, high pressure reciprocating compressors to supply breathing air for the diving industry, and vacuum pumps for medical facilities and other industries and Boiler systems for food and beverage industry.

To ensure our customers get the best quality air, our technicians are qualified in the repair and maintenance of our full range of air dryer systems. In addition to regular service, we also offer air dew point checking as well as full air quality analysis using state-of-the-art testing equipment.

Nils & Abbas prides itself on providing the full range of compressor installations and service. Service hotline number: +971 04 321 1272

Our workshop is equipped to meet the high standards required by our suppliers and to ensure a quality job every time. The correct installation of units on site is essential. Our technicians will work with you to plan the lay-out and carry out the full installation and commissioning of the units. Whether you require threaded or welded, galvanized or stainless steel piping, seamless or copper piping (welded, threaded or flanged), and your needs will be met. Electrical installation is included.

Our service team is on 24-hour call for both our on- and off-shore customers. The mission of our service department is to develop a close relationship with our customers in order to continuously meet your expectations.

CompAir boasts a large range of rotary screw air compressor brand. This brand ranges in size from the 4 KW to the 250 KW. The common denominator with these compressors is the rotary screw air end. After several years of trouble free running, these air ends require an overhaul. In the past, it was required for these air ends to be sent back to Germany for the repairs to be carried out. This caused extended down time for the customer as well as high costs. We are pleased to say this is no longer the case.

Today, at Nils & Abbas, a division of our service department is dedicated to the overhaul and re-bearing of rotary screw oil injected compressor air ends. Furthermore, Nils & Abbas have the full support of the factory on all technical issues and parts supply. Our workshop is equipped with all the special tools necessary to conduct the delicate and precise rebuilds. Furthermore, each air end is covered by a guarantee for workmanship and parts.

Having the re-bearing facility available locally has substantially reduced the repair turnaround time and costs, allowing us to offer the customer a high quality and competitive service. This goes a long way to support our service mission statement. "To develop a closer relationship with our customer in order to continuously be able to meet their expectations"

The Bitterness of Poor Quality Lasts Longer Than The Sweetness Of A Low Price!

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