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Engineering, Maintenance and Servicing Solutions for Total Compressed Air Utilities


Nils & Abbas with its complete engineering solution offers a wide range of products to satisfy our valued customer needs. As an agent of CompAir, we make sure that we provide you the best quality of service ensuring that your requirements are met.

We provide components and innovative engineering solutions for compressed air, steam and industrial automation. Due to the wide-ranging nature of the products that Nils & Abbas represents, we are able to cater to a variety of industrial sectors, including but not limited to oilfield and petrochemical companies, the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage manufacturing companies, the packaging industry, and glass manufacturing companies. Our expertise and experience allow us to supply both individual products and complete turnkey packages including design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning for both on- and off-shore sites.


Total solutions to your compressed air requirements N & A Trading offers engineered compressed air system solutions and customized compressed air system skid packages, capable of meeting virtually
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Nils & Abbas team is able to provide solutions and recommend technical advises for plants & factories that are not satisfied with their utility system or are willing to automate their process and monitoring system
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Nils & Abbas partner with international well-known Brands, reputed for high quality and reliability. Guaranteed customer satisfactions in our after sales services
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